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impotence discussion Male Power users discussion

Sunday Aug 23, 2015

Why is Male Power special?
It is highly effective because it is based on long experience of traditional Chinese medicine which understands and treats the underlying causes of impotent problems, not just the symptoms. And in the case of impotence and sexual problem, one of the main problems is weak kidney energy. What sets Male Power apart is that because it boosts all-important kidney energy it not only helps the distressing condition of sexual problem but also produces a wide range of other beneficial effects. More information...

Thursday Mar 27, 2014

Male power for impotence
impotence, also known as sex impotent or impotency or libido deficiency, is very common for men aged between 20 and 80. Male Power is an exceptional formula specially designed for men to help regain sexual potency and to restore and maintain general well being.

Thursday Apr 11, 2013

iBook for male power
Please download it from Apple store:
It works in iPad.

Monday Feb 25, 2013

Nourishing the Kidney can treat Impotence
I have dedicated myself to research work for treating impotence in Tongji Herbal & Acupuncture treatment centre and I have accumulated some experience which can be presented today for drawing much more precious experience from my colleagues attending this technical exchange.
1、 The incidence rate for impotence
Sexual impairment has around great attention to lot of Chinese Medical practitioners attention as its incidence rate is very high. The incidence rate in Western countries is given by the following data.
40years old: 39%; 50years old: 48%; 60years old: 57%; 70years old: 76%; Impotence has caused trouble to family life becoming the social problems.
2、 Pathogeny and Diagnosis for Impotence
Impotence is known as impairment of erection. The definition of Sexual International Erection Society is that during sexual intercourse, penis fails to erect to fulfill section satisfactory, such phenomenon is known as impotence.
A、 Western Doctors Viewpoints
The impairment erection function consists of congenital type and secondary type. It depends on organic factor and psychic factor. Before, they thought that impotence caused by psychic took majority, and that caused by organic factor took small percentage. However, the modern research work shows that among the impotence patients caused by psychic, 90% of such patients suffer from organic health problems i.e. psychic, blood vessels, endocrine, sickness all over the body, wounds and problem caused by medications etc... So, it is not easy to find pathogeny, under certain circumstances, it depends on patients description and doctors observation.
B、 The Chinese Herbal Practitioners Viewpoints
Impotence is related with the condition of heart, kidney, spleen, gall bladder and stomach, but it is closely related with the function of heart and kidney, as heart dominates spirit and mood and once the seven emotional feelings are strained, the disorder of heart function would give rise to failure of sperm ejaculation. However, kidney plays the key role to sexual function. The ancient Chinese Medical Book named “Nei Jing ” stressed the physiological function of kidney. Whether kidney is in normal or abnormal condition, it just depends on the strong or weak kidney energy. Strong kidney energy indicates enough sperm, good penis erection and normal ejaculation; and weak kidney energy indicates lack of sperm, poor erection and early ejaculation or easy loss of sperm. So kidney is the most important function. So nourishing the
Kidney can cure impotence.
3、 The Therapeutic Methods of Chinese Medicine for Impotence
Chinese herbal medicines; Acupuncture; Points injection; Catgut embedding therapy; Electrical needle; Cupping therapy; Medical plaster; Crossing needle; Ear needle; Reflexology; Gua Sha; Massage and Points massage.
The introduction of the therapeutic methods of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture for Impotence
1、 Chinese herbal Medicine
Our secrete remedy named “Male Power”. It was approved by Australia TGA and manufactured by GMP pharmaceutical factory. It is good quality and highly efficiency, without side effects.
The composition and Function of “Male Power”
1)、For strengthening kidney yang, four ingredients are used Epimedium brevicomum leaf, Cnidium monnieri seed, Curculigo orchoides root and rhizome and Cistanche deserticola stem. According to traditional Chinese medical dosage principle, they can strengthen effect each other. It was proved which it improves hormone of male, strengthen amount of sperm and its activity.
2)、For strengthening erection function, the following two ingredients are suggested paeonia lactiflora and morinda officinalis root.
3)、For tonifying general energy of the whole body and enhancing stamina blood dynamic force, Panax ginseng root and cordyceps sinensis are advised.
It can help to:
Improve male sexual function and libido
Strengthen amount of sperm and overcome premature ejaculation
Support inner organ function and general well-being
Counteract the symptoms of ageing by strengthening the physique and overcoming fatigue
Reinforce lung and kidney function, reducing frequent night-time urination
3 capsules each time, 3 times a day, one course lasts 15days and for optimum results Male Power should be taken continuously for 1 to 3 months. Most of impotence patients can be cured.
2、 Acupuncture Therapy
1)、Zhongwan, xiawan, Qihai, Guanyuan plus Zusanli for leading energy to good order and strengthening points.
2)、For enhancing kidney yang, the following points are selected:
Qiangshen point, shenyu, mingmen, sanyinjiao.
3)、Yangwei point
No. 1 location:2.5inches above shenyu point and one inche Lateral to Du Channel.
No. 2 Ciliao point using 3-4 inches needle
No. 3 juyang point, using 4-5 inches needle
No. 4 totally five points on the connecting line between shenque point and qugu point, up, middle and lower points on one thirds of each section, one inch lateral of the middle point selected
No. 5 longgu point, yuquan point selected, in addition, you can add point to regulate heart, liver, spleen and stomach etc... moxa can be added for enhancing the result, ten times of treatments is one course.
It is a significant effect.

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Saturday Jan 28, 2012

Sample Cases
Mr. Lau, 58 years old, said, Your medicine is effective. Now I have a good sexual life. And amazingly my joint pain is gone. I had taken many medicines for it. It is really amazing my joint pain is gone after I began taking Male Power for some time.