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I worry i got erectile dysfunction

I am looking for someone who can give me an advice. I will tell you more details if you can help me, I will certainly pay a nice consulting fee for you.
2009-12-18 18:17:13 Posted by: Rav


  • Guest
    3132 days ago
    Don't worry about the problem because stress only makes it worse!
    If you have tried Male Power products & still have dysfunction it could be something that you are eating or drinking.
    *Colloidal Silver helps to destroy yeast infection.
    *An excellent way to get rid of yeast fungus is to eat black muscat grapes for 3-7 days.
    *If there are heavy metals in your system or you have amalgam fillings, yeast will stay in the body to try to absorb the mercury & other heavy metals.
    *An Holistic or Homeopathic Dentist has good alternatives for mercury fillings.
    *Bentonite clay is available on the web for the absorption of heavy metals inside the body.
    *There are also clay baths, which absorb the heavy metals out through the skin.
    *There are some good e books available about yeast infection.
    More than 1 teaspoon of butter or olive oil a day may cause impotence.
    Any oil or margarine may also cause impotence, canola could be the worst culprit.
    Sugar may cause premature ejaculation.
    *Coffee & caffeine can depress libido & numbs the brain to joy.
    *Eating beef more than once a week may severely depress libido.
    *Corn can have a bad effect on the mind.
    *White salt can be bad for the brain as well as the penile artery.
    *Microwaves can ruin the nutritional content of food.
    *Pink Himalayan or Celtic salt is nutritious & energising.

    *I do believe that kelp & sea vegetables & at least an hour of sunshine daily helps to improve & energise libido by 100%
    I hope that these things help you to function happily.
    If you have any questions you may text me 61 439240661
    or email
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  • jerryadam
    jerryadam765 days ago
    Would you please let us know about the quality of this treatment.There are many people who know what they should do in case of this type of issue.The helps them to get rid of the problem.
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  • g11749131679789
    g11749131679789737 days ago
    Ithink erectile brokenness is a very regular issue influencing immense quantities of generally sound moderately aged men.Help do my essay for me ED, the sort brought on by a medicinal condition that meddles with either the nerves that control an erection or the blood supply expected to look after one, increments with age.
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  • g10709367180399
    g10709367180399690 days ago
    Truly! Male is going in the wrong way use sedates that will be reduced, their vitality in a brief time period due to this man need to use it a day prior was examined a post Check It Out Free Custom Essays Online in its maker elucidate about men deficiency reason.
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  • davidluiz
    davidluiz663 days ago
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  • edwardwicks
    edwardwicks641 days ago
    Erectile dysfunction is a common condition in older men, essaydone it estimates half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 have some degree.
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  • christake
    christake637 days ago
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  • christake
    christake637 days ago
    the state of having poor and unfortunate practices and mentalities essay leaks inside a gathering of individuals.
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  • PaulRobert
    PaulRobert615 days ago
    I am such a great amount of energized after assignment writing service reading your blog. Your blog is particularly imaginative and much accommodating for any industry and also for individual.
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  • 609 days ago
    Do you smoke, utilize recreational medications or drink over the suggested day by day remittance of liquor? It might be that tending to these issues could resolve your USA Matchmaking indications so absolutely worth attempting.
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