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Questions about the erection problem

I love my girl friend to death but when we have sex it does not stay up for long and l have had some medical procedures and chemo treatment and vigra is expensive for us. Can someone suggest anything else that might work. Sex is important to both of us.

Thanks in advance.
2010-01-05 16:09:36 Posted by: Secil


  • Guest
    3227 days ago
    I highly recommend!
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  • kingcallum
    3206 days ago

    Male power is fantastic! I have exerpeinced erectile dysfunction in the past and have found that Male Power is giving me strong, thick erections. As I am not sick, I have been taking 1 a day to maintain general sexual wellbeing. You may need to follow the box instructions by taking 2 a day or even more, depending on your condition.

    Seriously, it has worked for me. Great erections, and my libido has really kicked in! Really ... what do you have to lose, just buy a box and give it a try!
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  • kathybrunt
    kathybrunt682 days ago
    Thanks for making such a cool project. I've been checking the site for the Windows version, but I never left a comment about it assignment help
    I know you are working hard and doing it for free so you shouldn't feel rushed or anything. I hope you can continue this type of hard work to this site in future also. Because this blog is really very informative and it helps me lo
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  • jhons
    jhons655 days ago
    Now and again you can treat periodic scenes of erection issues (erectile brokenness) at home, UK Help Services - Assignment Ninja without a wellbeing expert's offer assistance.
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  • g11494548649674
    g11494548649674122 days ago
    Restorative scientists gauge that in the vicinity of 18 and 20 million American men encounter some sort of do my homework erectile brokenness. On the off chance that a man has an incidental issue accomplishing an erection.
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