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Kidneys and sexual energy

The long-term research that went into the making of Male Power (see History) demonstrated that most patients with sexual dysfunction suffer from poor kidney function – in traditional Chinese medical terms, lack of kidney yang.

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, the kidneys store the pre-natal essence inherited from one’s parents, which governs growth, development and, in later life, reproduction.

If a man’s kidneys are strong, he can produce a powerful erection. If the kidneys are weak, sexual dysfunction is one obvious result. Weak kidneys are also traditionally considered a cause of hormonal imbalance.

The following are the ingredients used in Male Power:

Each capsule contains herbal extracts equivalent to dry:
Epimedium brevicornum leaf …………………. 450mg
Panax ginseng root ……………………………… 60mg
Cordyceps sinensis ……………………………… 45mg
Cnidium monnieri seed ………………………... 420mg
Morinda officinalis root ………………………… 160mg
Paeonia lactiflora (radix rubra) ………………..660mg
Curculigo orchoides root and rhizome ……….302mg
Cistanche deserticola stem …………………….144mg

The descriptions of the functions of the herbs accompanying the illustrations on this page show how many are used for kidney deficiency. Combined, they boost energy generally.

One of the best-known of these herbs in the western world is Epimedium brevicornum, which is often marketed as ‘horny goat weed’. It has traditionally been used where kidney yang deficiency causes not only impotence but also frequent urination.

Its effectiveness has been known in China for more than a millennium and is reflected in its literal English translation, ‘licentious goat wort’.

In the Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica*, a fifth- century writer is quoted as saying: ‘Taking this herb makes people want to yin-yang. In northern Sichuan, there are licentious goats that copulate about one hundred times a day; they probably eat this wort, so it is called licentious goat wort.’

Other herbal ingredients in Male Power help erectile dysfunction by boosting the blood and blood circulation.

For instance, Paeonia lactiflora (from the root of the red peony) helps to dilate blood vessels and invigorates the blood so that it moves more easily, thus helping erectile function.

* For further reading about the herbs used in Male Power, a recommended text is the Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, compiled and translated by Dan Bensky, Steven Clavey and Erich Stöger, Eastland Press Inc, Seattle, US, 2004.

For an introductory guide to Chinese traditional medical teaching – yin-yang theory and particularly the role of the kidneys in general health – see Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing 2004.
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