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Tongji Herbal Australia Pty Ltd

304/3rd Floor, Dixon House,
413 - 415 Sussex St.,
Sydney NSW 2000

Open 10:30am - 6pm
Closed Sunday and Tuesday

Tel: 02 9281 7378
Fax: 02 9281 9553

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History of Male Power

Male Power is made in Australia and has been on sale in Australia for more than five years.

It was developed after more than a decade of scientific research and clinical trials at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing by a team headed by Professor Xiao-cheng Yan and Professor Jia Li Yuan.

Professor Yuan, who now has a clinic in Sydney, is managing director of Tongji Herbal Australia Pty Ltd, the maker of Male Power (see About Us and Contact Us).

Basing their experiments on knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine handed down over centuries, they tested almost 100 herbs to produce the optimum combination that became the ingredients of Male Power.

Male Power has been used at hospitals in China for more than 10 years and in that time tens of thousands of patients have been helped.

In the West, men with sexual problems often say that, according to tests by Western doctors, there is nothing wrong with their kidneys

Traditional Chinese medical practitioners employ very different techniques to assess the condition of the body, in particular by ‘reading’ the pulses on both wrists.

First and foremost, the body is viewed as an energy system and the complex and subtle art of pulse diagnosis gives experienced practitioners the means to discern energy levels and the strengths and weaknesses of the inner organs.

This makes it possible to understand the underlying causes of problems and to treat the body as a whole, not just the symptoms.
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  • lougae
    lougae759 days ago
    Having undergone hormonal treatment and radio therapy for prostrate cancer my libido and erection is very weak.. Oncologists have recommended me not to try to omprovre my testosterone level because of risks of re occurence of the cancer. Is your product safe in this particular case?
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  • kathybrunt
    kathybrunt670 days ago
    Male power is fantastic! I have exerpeinced erectile dysfunction in the past and have found that Male Power is giving me strong, thick erections. assignment help uk As I am not sick, I have been taking 1 a day to maintain general sexual wellbeing. You may need to follow the box instructions by taking 2 a day or even more, depending on your condition.
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  • katherinemerry
    katherinemerry642 days ago
    Ithink erectile brokenness is a very regular issue influencing immense quantities of generally sound moderately aged men.assignment help service company uk ED, the sort brought on by a medicinal condition that meddles with either the nerves that control an erection or the blood supply expected to look after one, increments with age.
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  • SarahClover
    SarahClover615 days ago
    Chinese Herbal Medicine has been utilized for a huge number of years. A nation can't accomplish a populace of over a billion if your arrangement of medication doesn't work. Custom Help - Essay Click. Our human services framework depends on medications and surgery, so elective pharmaceutical is once in a while endorsed. The medication organizations loathe it.
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  • kathybrunt
    kathybrunt562 days ago
    Now and again you can treat periodic scenes of erection issues (erectile brokenness) paper writing service without a wellbeing expert's offer assistance
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  • TonyJaspar
    TonyJaspar432 days ago
    A major stride in the social advancement of humankind was predominant guys regarding the match holding of mediocre guys. Such social orders appeared to improve the situation while protecting themselves from foes. Assignment Help Australia. In this manner the social unthinkable against taking another person's life partner began.
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