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I am a serious smoker, can smoking Make a Man Impotent?

I quote some information here, hope the doctor from this clinic can help me, and point me to a right direction.

I believe there are many causes for impotence in man. But, heavy smoking is frequently cited as a contributory factor in the development of impotence?
How smoking causes impotence in man?
I am doing some search now, we can discuss this issue in this blog.
2009-12-12 09:17:30 Posted by: Andrew


  • waltersmith
    waltersmith892 days ago
    Most importantly you need to know the distinction amongst "weakness" and 'fruitlessness'. Ineptitude implies not ready to perform sexual act despite the fact that having want for that (for instance if a man doesn't have erection, then it would be characterized as barrenness). Then again, barrenness is the point at which a man can perform sexual act, yet he can't create kids (in light of absence of sperms, or subjectively poor sperms), then it will be characterized as fruitlessness. Mint is a substance, that is known for it's "barrenness" impact, yet not "weakness". On the off chance that one devours mint in substantial measurement and for quite a while, then it may bring fruitlessness OR that individual. So yes, menthol cigarette can bring fruitlessness, however not weakness.
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  • marieweb
    marieweb806 days ago
    I dont think smoking can completely make one impotent. However, it does effect one's sexual desire to some extent. Smoking inherently slows down the blood flow which result in ineptitude for sex. However, complete dysfunctional cases are rare to cite.
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  • g11749131679789
    g11749131679789737 days ago
    A man came to me. He had been experiencing chain-smoking for a long time; he was sick and the specialists said, "You will never be solid in the event that you don't quit smoking. Website development costs calgary On account of this smoking he had lost all fearlessness: he knows he can't do a little thing; he can't quit smoking.
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  • g11494548649674
    g11494548649674709 days ago
    The chemicals in tobacco smoke harm the covering of your veins and get assignment done influence the way they work. Those chemicals can likewise hurt your heart, mind, kidneys, and different tissues all through the body.
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    joeychen691 days ago
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    rama553 days ago
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    rama552 days ago
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