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Oxygen therapy


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As we all know, oxygen is used to rescue patients and treat diseases in hyperbaric chambers. However, research findings have shown that as many as 78 per cent of 'healthy' people can suffer oxygen deficit, also called anoxia or hypoxia. This explains why oxygen therapy has become so popular. In the United States, for example, oxygen 'bars' can be found in CBDs, malls and clubs, some combining oxygen therapy with massage.

  1. An element of utmost importance to life

Oxygen is essential to life. We can survive five to seven days without food and three to five days without water, but without oxygen we can barely last for 10 minutes.

Why is oxygen so important? Our metabolism needs it to process food in order to make new cells and provide us with energy. Without oxygen, the metabolic process stops and cells die, causing immediate organ failure.

You may wonder how oxygen deficit can happen in a normal living environment. The reason lies in internal oxygen deficit.

  1. Internal oxygen deficit

External oxygen deficit refers to lack of oxygen due to environmental factors such as highlands with low oxygen concentration or an enclosed place short of oxygen.

Internal oxygen deficit is caused by our own physical condition. The following groups may fall victim to internal oxygen deficit:

  1. People with cardiovascular diseases whose heart or blood vessels have undergone changes such as stiffening and thickening;

  2. Diabetics, with vessel stiffening and narrowing;

  3. People with respiratory diseases such as acute or chronic bronchitis, asthma etc;

  4. People over 65 with weak or inadequate functioning;

  5. People working or studying for more than 12 hours a day with high cerebral oxygen consumption; and

  6. Pregnant women.

Chronic oxygen deficit will result in a lack of oxygen in the organs and tissues of the body, thus quickening the aging process and causing life-threatening diseases such as heart attacks or strokes.

Main parts are made in France.

Warranty: 12 months.

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